ARKit – list of learning resources

ARKit – list of learning resources

ARKit tutorials, docs & articles (Swift & Objective-C)

  1. Official ARKit documentation
  2. Part 1 — Getting setup, draw a cube in virtual reality by Mark Dawson
  3. Part 2 — Plane Detection and Visualization by Mark Dawson
  4. Part 3 — Adding geometry and physics fun Mark Dawson
  5. Part 4 — Physically Based Rendering Mark Dawson
  6. Getting Started with ARKit: Waypoints by Yat Choi
  7. ARKit and CoreLocation: Part One by Christopher Webb-Orenstein
  8. ARKit and CoreLocation: Part Two by Christopher Webb-Orenstein
  9. Animating a 3D model in AR with ARKit and Mixamo by Esteban Herrera
  10. Building an AR game with ARKit and Spritekit by Esteban Herrera
  11. Building an AR app with ARKit and Scenekit by Esteban Herrera
  12. ARKit + Vision: An intriguing combination by Jordan Osterberg
  13. Measure using ARKit (iOS 11) by Minhaz Panara
  14. Amazing Physically Based Rendering Using the New iOS 10 SceneKit by Avihay Assouline

ARKit tutorials, docs & articles (Unity/C#)

  1. #Tutorial4: Get Started Augmented Reality App On An iPhone/iPad (ARKit + Unity) by Sanket Prabhu
  2. #Tutorial 5: Augment ‘Amazing Church’ in AR with ARKit & Unity 3D by Sanket Prabhu
  3. #Tutorial 6: SLAM Tracking and Ambient Lighting with ARKit & Unity 3D by Sanket Prabhu
  4. ARKit and Unity by Gina Adamova
  5. Awesome ARKit by olucurious

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