[Conference] Game Developers Session 2014

[Conference] Game Developers Session 2014

Yeaaah really! This year I finally found time to visit the biggest conference for game developers in Czech republic and Slovakia called Game Developers Session. It was 12th year and as all 11 years before this time it took place in Prague in Czech republic. Official 2 days  programme was starting on Saturday (15.11.2014) but before official programme on Friday (14.11.2014) were planned some workshops (game animations, designing of mobile games, Microsoft Azure) and in the evening warm-up party for conference participants with presentations of some new indie projects. So I decided to skip all workshops and come directly to warm-up party because with my new indie team called RAT GAMES we participated with presentation of our  WIP game project called The Legend Of The Spirit Bird.

Novus Inceptio

Novus Inceptio | McMagic Productions

Warm-up party: presentation of very ambitious one man project Novus Inceptio 

This opportunity to present our indie game to professionals from game industry and other indie developers was very beneficial for us. Next 2 days we were getting mainly very positive feedback and valuable advices from other devs which was very encouraging for us to next work. Also we got many new contacts on other devs and journalists.

On Saturday I visited many presentations from official programme. My favourites presentations were Work with zero budget by Jakub Hussar, Perfect Paths – “perfect path” through solo development by Jan Ilavsky, AIR multiplatform game development by Peter Stefcek, Ronimo’s roller-coaster ride from student team to successful indie by Joost van Dongen and Game Design in reality III by Dan Vavra.


Presentetion of 2D game engine Genome2D | Peter “sHTiF” Štefček

Presentation: AIR multiplatform game development by Peter Stefcek

Saturday was ended by another party for conference participants. Again I had many interesting talks with many friendly game developers about game development, game engines, marketing, game projects etc. By my opinion this part of conference was the most beneficial for me. There you had opportunity to talk and met eye by eye legends of czecho-slovak game industry like Dan Vavra (Warhorse studios), Lukas Macura (Cinemax), Jakub Dvorsky (Amanita Design) and many others.

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On Sunday I visited only a few presentations because I was quite tired after long Saturday’s party 🙂 . My favourite presentations from Sunday programme were From Unity3D to Unreal Engine 4 by Martin Pernica, Creating high performance, flexible, future-proofed games by van Beliy, Artificial Intelligence of open world inhabitants by Viktor Bocan, Theory of developers pit by Lukas Macura and Marek Nepozitek.

It was great weekend full of games and friendly game developers. If you are thinking about to visit this event, stop thinking and just do it 🙂 . I hope that we will see there next year 🙂