List of valuable learning resources for iOS development with Swift

List of valuable learning resources for iOS development with Swift

Mobile development is still one of the most popular sectors of IT industry. So it’s very wise to constantly invest your time and money into learning new technologies, programming languages and follow new trends.

For example weather app project which I mentioned in my previous 2 blog posts (Project update #1, Project update #2 ) motivated me to start with learning native iOS development with Swift. Always when I’m trying to learn some new programming language or anything else the first thing which I always do is look around the web and create list of valuable resources which helps me to better orientate in issue.

So here is my list of valuable resources which I’m using or used for learning iOS development with Swift.

1. Swift official documentation

2. iOS developer Library

3. – lots of Swift videos and tutorials

3. – lots of useful Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa tutorials

4. – Swift tutorials

5. Skip Wilson YouTube channel – Swift video tutorials

6. Brian Advent YouTube channel – Swift video tutorials by examples

7. – Swift tutorials

8. The Complete iOS 11 & Swift Developer Course – Build 20 Apps – Udemy Swift online course for iOS11

9. The Swift Programming Language – free ebook

10. Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C – free ebook

11. – free Swift training course

12. Design Patterns in Swift – examples of design patterns in Swift

13. Objective-C: Guide and Resources – Objective-C resources

14. App evolution with Swift – course covers basics of iOS development with Swift and Xcode

15. – Swift tutorials

16. – Swift and Objective-C tutorials

17. – blog about iOS/tvOS development

18. – blog about iOS development

19. – list of top 100 best blogs for iOS developers

20. – advanced concurrency in Swift

I hope it helps :-). And if you have some other tips on good Swift resourses please share it in comments bellow.