Project update #1  – Why I decided to use Feathers in new version of my weather app?

Project update #1 – Why I decided to use Feathers in new version of my weather app?

Last 4 months I was quite busy because I focused especially on client’s works and that was main reason why I postponed all my own projects and also publishing of new blog posts. I know that wasn’t the smartest decision but every coin has two sides. Now I have some money for living costs for a few next months and again that right drive to work on own projects. So what I’m planning in close future?

1. Develop new version of my older iOS weather app

This quite big update will includes:

  • new graphics design of IU
  • reprogramming of app core
  • adding support for iPad
  • better performance optimization
  • adding some new modules with another weather data
  • change of monetization model

First version of this weather app I released about 2 years ago. It’s quite complex app with more than 20 different screens a modules like (weather radar, news, articles, charts, different types of weather forecast and much more). For development I used Starling framework, Adobe AIR and few native free and premium extensions (Camera, Admob, RateBox etc.).

After release date app had quite nice numbers of downloads even app is targeted only for small Slovak AppStore (that days  in Slovakia was about 100 thousands of iOS devices) but after launch were reported quite a lot problems with performance especially on iPhone4. After that I made a few performance optimization and released a few updates but came some other interesting projects and step by step I stopped with next development and support of this app.

But now I decided to relaunch this app because I believe it still has potential. Competition in weather category on Slovak AppStore is quite weak. I think there aren’t many quality apps with quality weather data. For development I again bet on Starling framework with combination of Feathers (great UI framework) and many native extensions bought from Distriqt guys.

So why I choose Feathers? Because it’s the best AS3 UI framework, very optimized for mobile devices! In first version of my app I developed all UI components (like lists, charts, picker lists, dialogs …)  by myself and it took me much time to optimized performance and in some cases I still wasn’t fully satisfied with results (my fault I know). So why again invent the wheel when there are great frameworks with strong community. So my big thanks belongs to Josh Tynjala and Daniel Sperl for these great frameworks.

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And for better imagination here are some screenshots from older version of my weather app. In some of future posts I also show you  new graphics design of UI (these time not made by myself but by graphic designer :)).

weather app


2.  Give live to our adventure game The Legend Of The Spirit Bird

As I said I was quite busy last months so I postponed all my own projects and also indie projects where I’m involved.  One of this cases is also indie game which is called The Legend Of The Spirit Bird on which I’m working with our small cezcho-slovak indie team called RAT GAMES. It’s our first game title. Thanks to this project I met with great people and talented colleagues (artists, animators, illustrators, game designers). So I have quite great remorse for postponing this project. This game has also potential especially for her unique artistic style and story. If you are fan of adventure games and you want more info about project visit our website or Facebook page. And here is our latest game teaser.

So this are my main goals for a few next months. Quite a challenge not? But I believe that in the end I will be successful. During the process of development I’ll try to regularly post updates about progress in development. So if you like posts like this one please share it and if you want to follow my future progress posts follow me on Twitter.